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Fixed Capacitor Bank of Thyristor Controlled Reactor Supplier

Thyristor Controlled Reactors are major components of an SVC system. The power semi-conductors are used in an SVC scheme to generate harmonics, and need to be eliminated by harmonic filters. Therefore in an SVC system harmonic filter, Thyristor Controlled Reactors are employed as well. The reactive power consumption of our Thyristor Controlled Reactor can be continuously controlled by thyristor valves. These Thyristor Controlled Reactors are commonly used in combination with switched shunt capacitors to provide variable reactive power as required. To limit the inrush current of the capacitors, series connected damping reactors are inserted ahead of the capacitor bank of the Thyristor Controlled Reactor.

  • Variable reactive power
  • Limited inrush current of the capacitors
  • Controlled reactive power consumption
  • Variable reactive power